News Item: February Business Meeting -- February 9, 2018
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Posted by W4SB Bryant
Friday February 09 2018 - 09:35PM

Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club - W4CA 
Business Meeting, February 9, 2018 
Roanoke Valley American Red Cross 325 Church Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 

Meeting called to order by Anthony Brooks WM3T, president, at 7:15pm. 
Members stood for Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence to remember silent keys (Willie Carr N4XE) and others with health and welfare issues. 
Members introduced themselves by name, call sign, and current preferred radio. 

Treasurer's Report 
Doug Kabler, KR4XE, presented the January treasurer's report. 

Beginning Balance: $ 11,103.66 (as of January 1, 2018) 
Income:                     $ 182.00 
Expenses:                  $ 141.12 
Ending Balance:     $ 11,144.54 (as of January 31, 2018)

Old Business 
Club's Yaesu 990 repair. Anthony Brooks WM3T was able to replace the VFO. The replacement part was considerably less than the $200 approved last business meeting.

Winter Field Day Report. Bryant Johnson W4SB reported that we operated as 3O and submitted a score of 6990 with 415 contacts. Gavin Dent KM4VMU made 301 contacts during the event. We operated on 20m, 40m, and 80m—phone only. To increase our score next year, it would be a good idea for us to include digital and CW for the multipliers. Everyone who participated had fun, which was our goal. 

Hamfest Update. We need to secure the site as soon as possible. John Bourgeois KM4TWE will be contacting the Moose Lodge to reserve the location. Jerry Haislip K1SO and other members present provided John with contact numbers for resources.

Field Day Update. Bryant Johnson W4SB has a proposed layout for sanitary facilities, antennas, parking, and food prep/service. Station coordinators are encouraged to begin recruiting operators and get commitments for shifts to cover the event. Station coordinators are Fred Krack NS4TT (20m), Ron Ramsey AB4A (GOTA), Chris Bateson NZ6T (80m), and John Bourgeois KM4TWE (40m). 

New Business 
Net Control Coordinator. Bryant Johnson W4SB is taking over this role. Those who are able are asked to please volunteer for a NCS spot as Bryant begins setting up a schedule. 

Ham Breakfast. First one is next Saturday, February 17, 8:00am, at the IHOP on 220. Ham Breakfasts will be first and third weekends. 

50/50 tickets —Total amount to be split is $8.00. John Bourgeois KM4TWE had the winning ticket. He donated his portion of the pot to the club. Thank you, John! 

The February program meeting will be February 23. Topic will be the Virginia QSO Party presented by the organizers from Sterling, VA. Next business meeting will be March 9, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Bryant Johnson, W4SB 
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club Secretary 

Anthony Brooks WM3T (m, President) 
Fred Krack NS4TT (m) 
Ron Ramsey AB4A (m, Vice President) 
Doug Kabler KR4XE (m, Treasurer) 
David Kinsey KS4BO (m) 
Jerry Haislip K1SO (m) 
Bryant Johnson W4SB (m, Secretary) 
David Nance W4SSE (v) 
Michael Hewitt KM4TWF (m) 
John Bourgeois KM4TWE (m) 
Gavin Dent KM4VMU (v)

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