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February Board Meeting -- February 9, 2018  printer friendly  
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club - W4CA 
Board Meeting, February 9, 2018 
Roanoke Valley American Red Cross 325 Church Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 

Meeting called to order by Anthony Brooks WM3T, President, at 6:20pm. 

Quorum present: YES 


Field Day Planning. Bryant Johnson W4SB has a proposed layout for sanitary facilities, antennas, parking, and food prep/service. 

Net Control Coordinator. Bryant Johnson W4SB is taking over this role. Those who are able are asked to please volunteer for a NCS spot as Bryant begins setting up a schedule. 
Storage locker. This space is disorganized and is not climate controlled—not a good place to store electronics. The club radios are currently being stored or used in more appropriate places. The 990 is being stored by Bryant Johnson W4SB (Secretary) and the 7000 is being used by Gavin Dent. With the exception of a few items, the storage locker is being used to store paper goods and coolers. This is not a good use of club funds. Michael Hevener KF4PHW has offered to take on the role of RVARC Historian/Archivist. 
Motion made by Bryant Johnson W4SB: To clear out the club storage locker and end the rental contract for it. Coolers, radios, antennas, and items of an archival nature to be stored by responsible RVARC board members or placed where the board deems appropriate. Seconded by Jerry Haislip K1SO. Discussion. Motion passed unanimously. 

Bryant Johnson W4SB and Anthony Brooks WM3T presented the need for a minimum activity level of RVARC officers, board members, and trustees. 

Fred Krack NS4TT agreed to become the second Trustee for the club with full board voting rights. Thank you, Fred.

Hamfest Planning. We need to secure the site ASAP.

Next Board meeting is March 9, 2018, at 6:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 6:57pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bryant Johnson, W4SB 
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club Secretary 

Anthony Brooks WM3T (m, President) 
Fred Krack NS4TT (m) 
Ron Ramsey AB4A (m, Vice President) 
Doug Kabler KR4XE (m, Treasurer) 
David Kinsey KS4BO (m) 
Jerry Haislip K1SO (m) 
Bryant Johnson W4SB (m, Secretary)

(2/10/2018--Corrected agenda item to highlight appointment of the club's second Trustee.)

News Author: W4SB Bryant News Date: Friday February 09 2018 - 09:17PM

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