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November Board Meeting -- November 10, 2017  printer friendly  
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club - W4CA
Board Meeting, November 10, 2017
Roanoke Valley American Red Cross
325 Church Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 
Meeting called to order by Anthony Brooks WM3T, President, at 6:29pm.
Quorum present: YES 


Discussion of the Ham of the Year award. 
Club storage at Kinsey's place. Bryant offered to allow storage of large or hard-to-store items in his barn. 
Ron Ramsey reports that there were two people who did not take the test. We got several of the new hams interested in joining the club. 
Ron Ramsey reports that an advanced SKYWARN class via GoToMeeting on December 4. He will put information on this on the website. 
Anthony Brooks reports that a ham from Sarasota, FL, has contacted him about the club. They are looking at relocating to the Roanoke area and want to be involved. This demonstrates that keeping the information and events up to date on both the website and FaceBook. 
Next Board meeting is January 12, 2018, at 6:30pm. 
Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm. 
Respectfully Submitted, 
Bryant Johnson, N4TYR
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club Secretary
News Author: W4SB Bryant News Date: Friday November 10 2017 - 08:15PM

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