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March Board Meeting 2017  printer friendly  
MARCH 10, 2017
Anthony Brooks called the meeting to order @ 6:33 PM
·        Hamfest—Heard from Quicksilver and Gold Medal Ideas. Quicksilver will not be joining us this year. Gold Medal Ideas will be joining us. Jerry comented we do not have a large venue. We should be able to sell the indoor tables that Quicksilver will not use. I asked about main door prizes. Dave And others agreed we can just make the fliers generic stating 1st prize dual band radio, 2nd prize—1 DMR and third prize 50.00. We may want to consider using Ham-bucks so people can choose what they want. Fred to get tickets printed—400-general admission and 50 tailgate.
·        Club Social--We need paper products. Ron to get paper products out of storage.  
Ron Ramsey
·        Club Auction—April 22nd.   
·        April—Extra classes. He has some requests for Tech classes. We need extra teachers if we do both at the same time. Tech classes will do in fall. 
·        Will need help to set up tables to set up tables for auction April 21st.
·        Michael’s mom will need help setting up Friday and Saturday  
·        Thursday, March 16th will be a surprise emergency drill. From 10:00 to 1:00. We need a two or three people to help. One person at Red Cross and one person at Civic Center to operate 2 meters. He will check with Paula or Steve to see where at the Civic Center we will be able to operate. 
·        Field Day—questions-- do we use Field Day as a social or contesting group. Field Day site is secure. Next year we need to look for new venue. Wants to promote due to last time at Ray’s. Will operate at least 2A but maybe 3A.  
·        Special events—Virginia QSO party will be held at Douthat State Park—Cabin 29—Saturday—10:00- 10:00 and Sunday 8:00 to 8:00--Star event and Blue Ridge Bonanza 
FD Singleton
·        Talked about the repeater.
·        Donated 2 DMR’s transceivers for Hamfest second prize.  
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.  
Respectfully Submitted,   Nancy Wood, KG4ETP
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club Secretary  
News Author: Nancy KG4ETP News Date: Sunday March 12 2017 - 02:40PM

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