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Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club meeting notes August 8 2014  printer friendly  
Members in attendance were treated to a photo show of the Hamfest projected on the wall.  
Introductions around the room, and traffic recorded.  
Committee reports and Traffic:
- Hamfest chairman, have only heard compliments on the hamfest execution. Could have used a couple more volunteers for the entranceway tickets sales.  Financials were covered, within $100 of all projections.  VE session tested 11. Thanks to all that helped make it successful, and gave Tom's back a chance to heal. Special thanks to Nancy KG4ETP for raffle ticket sales and Steve KK4YKP would went way beyond the call to come by Toms house to help transport heavy items.  

Doug KR4XE
reviewed the treasurers report, it was approved by members in attendance.  

Gary AJ4GL quickly reviewed the highlights of last meeting’s notes. No corrections were noted.  

Willie N4XE
and Pat N3AYW shared hilarious misadventures of their July 12 Foxhunt. 6 club members participated , with JT winning the contest.  Pat insinuated that someone assembled his Arrow antenna incorrectly ( on purpose ?) to help him be more productive.   The next foxhunt is Aug 30 @ 9AM , meeting at Crossroads Mall parking lot near K Mart.  

Willie celebrates 70 years since his first CW QSO.
Willie volunteered to be the lead for Blue Ridge Bonanza/Explore Park special event station on Oct 4. Please call him for recording your desired mile marker location, your call sign, and segment.

Charlie AB4SK asked that those interested in helping at William Byrd Middle and High School, the stations will be open for business Sept 16 on Tuesdays. Middle school @ noon, high school 3:30.  

Gary AJ4GL
– upcoming club event schedule will be kept up to date on the W4CA website calendar.  

Aug 22
meeting featured program is Winlink – program for sending email over the radio Tinker Talk - Part 1 of voice keyer building if time
August 30
– foxhunt , meet at crossroads mall parking lot @ 9AM
Sept 12
meeting is Jersey night , wear your favorite jersey/ T shirt from high school, college, or professional team. Tinker Talk - Part 1or 2 , + others as requested  
Sept 13
– Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge is postponed

Oct 4
– Blue Ridge Bonanza / Explore Park special event station - led by Willie N4XE
Oct 11
– WeatherFest special event station at VA Science Festival
Oct 19 or 26
– tentative emergency radio communication exercise
Oct 20-24 – School Club Roundup radio contest
Nov 15
– Ham Radio programs @ University of Scouting
Nov 22
– Grandin Court Christmas Parade – parade communications  

Charlie AB4SK showed a slide show of 2 ham radio cruises to the Bahamas and talked about the dos and donts of cruise ship vacations.
  Recorded July 25  2014, Gary Yohe
News Author: Gary AJ4GL News Date: Friday August 08 2014 - 11:25PM

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