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Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club meeting notes Sept 12 2014  printer friendly  
Members in attendance were treated to a photo show of the 2013 Explore Raleigh Court Christmas Parade.  

Introductions around the room, and traffic recorded.


Ron AB4A -
Oct 4 – RACES SET 9AM-3PM see W4GHF on internet for details  
Dave N4JED
– this weekend Arkansas QSO party, ARRL VHF QSO party.    
Doug K4WVS donated vintage club patches for auctioning with the 50/50.
Doug KR4XE – treasurers report, no anomalies noted
JT W4TFA – foxhunt Sunday Oct 19 2PM 

Ray KK4HR – SEC annual report needs signed off by officers by Oct 31,
$100 donated back to the club from a radio won at the hamfest raffle
Gary AJ4GL
Short Summary of rules & conventions as they apply to the election:
 ·         A voice vote will be taken to elect officers, members must be present to vote
 ·         Nominations can be made up until the time to vote
 ·         Nominees must be present at the election to accept nomination
·         Qualified Nominees without competition do not have to be voted
 ·         Officers will take office January 2015, and serve for one calendar year.
 ·         There have been nominations made to the board to cover some officer positions, president is still open at this time.   

Event calendar
a)      Sept 26 – club meeting, elections, Table Top SET by Ron AB4A in prep for Oct 4 SET.
b)      Oct 4  - Explore Park/Blue Ridge Parkway special event
c)      Oct 4 – RACES SET 9AM-3PM
Oct 10th – VE test session @ 6:30 before club meeting, during board meeting. Program – Tinker Talk
Oct 20-24 – school club roundup
f)       Oct 24 -  club meeting
Nov 14 –club meeting
h)      Nov 22 – Raleigh Court Christmas Parade on Grandin Road 10-12    

Short Programs:
Ron AB4A – traffic handling for SET and filling out Radiograms  
News Author: Gary AJ4GL News Date: Friday September 12 2014 - 09:44PM

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