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Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club BOARD meeting notes Oct 10 2014  printer friendly  
Ron AB4A presided at the meeting:
1.      Review bylaws for responsibilities while missing some officers .
2.      Review committee and possible chairman(s)
Membership committee,

education committee
equipment manager – Dave KS4BO
Log editor – Phil K4WFO

Publicity – open

Hamfest – Tom W4TKW ?
Field Day – Ray AB4YZ    


Fred K4HVB – reminder need 3 months lead time to get FREE event announcements in QST Club activity Ideas: SPAR Society for Preservation of amateur radio  

Ray KK4HR – VE test session on Oct 19 @ 2PM @ Red Cross  
Nancy KG4ETP – Christmas Dinner @ Jersey Lillies in Salem Dec 6th @ 6:30PM,  Tim Farrell has a free repeater  
Gary AJ4GL – proposed to consider to move meetings to Thursdays rather than Fridays to improve attendance. 2nd Thursday 7-8:30PM board meeting only, 4th Thursday 7-8:30 club members & short program.  Also proposed 4 potluck ragchew meetings per year
Club to evaluate suggestions, try Thursday a couple times to test for fit. Proposed some small $ thank you certificates, call sign nametags, card, etc in appreciation for significant club contributions. Club to consider & discuss.      
News Author: Gary AJ4GL News Date: Sunday October 12 2014 - 03:27PM

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