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Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club meeting notes Oct 10 2014  printer friendly  
Ron AB4A presided at the meeting:   
Doug KR4XE passed out Treasurers report, no corrections noted, report stands
Introductions around the room, and traffic recorded.

Nancy KG4ETP
– Christmas Dinner @ Jersey Lillies in Salem Dec 6th @ 6:30PM,  Tim Farrell has a free repeater
Tom W4TKW – SET held Oct 4th. Fletch ran Red Cross station. Tom W4TKW was at Roanoke memorial with Leroy passing 17 pieces of traffic in a 3hr period. Ron worked with WINLINK  & LDS group.  
Phil K4WFO –
school club roundup is Oct 20-24. Appreciate contacts even 2m sinmplex 146.580.
William Byrd Middle school, William Byrd High School, Hidden Valley High School participating.  Phil will also continue to do W4CA log.
Wally WD1U –
Laurel VEC has a new online program that better encrypts personal information and processes call signs with FCC within 30 minutes starting Jan 1. This is preferred for school clubs etc because there is no process fee. ARRL VEC will still be used at the Red Cross VE sessions.    
Ray KK4HR – VE test session on Oct 19 @ 2PM @ Red Cross  
Robert KK4TAG – thank
you for prayers during his health issues.
JT W4TFA – foxhunt Sunday Oct 19 @ 2PM meeting in front of Kmart near Roanoke airport.
Ron AB4A opened floor for officer nominations, Wally WD1U nominated Tom W4TKW for president. Tom accepted nomination and was elected president.
Secretary position had no nominations.
Discussions on changing club meetings to Thursdays, some members OK with it, one had a schedule conflict, another suggested taking a survey of entire membership. It was agreed to try in a couple future meetings to see if it helped attendance.

Thank you cards, items of appreciation was discussed. Once a quarter was good frequency, provided some exemplary actions suited the awarding.

Teaching ham license classes have been inactive the last couple years, would like to reactivate.
Need advertizing, propose to do classes in sequence, Tech -> General -> Extra  
Blue Ridge bonanza to be reactivated

Oakacroke lighthouse DXpediton and Railroad 611 special event trip - to be done

January/Feb Potluck meeting, Star City Event ( July picnic) to have more social events for the year.
Motion was made & carried that the net cost to the club of any potluck social events (target 4 ) would be zero $$ to the club budget, i.e. self supporting.  

LeRoy suggested to add an invitation to the club meeting be added to the repeater ID.
News Author: Gary AJ4GL News Date: Sunday October 12 2014 - 04:08PM

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