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September Program Meeting -- September 22, 2017 -- Practical Antennas  printer friendly  
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club - W4CA
Program Meeting, September 22, 2017
Roanoke Valley American Red Cross
352 Church Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 

Meeting called to order by Anthony Brooks, WM3T, at 7:04pm.
Members stood for Pledge of Allegiance.
Members stood for a moment of silence to remember silent keys and others with health and welfare issues.
Members introduced themselves by name and call sign. This is our second meeting of the month, which is our program meeting. 
General/Technician classes. Ron Ramsey, AB4A, will be teaching. October 14, 8:30am, to have software and information placed on computers. October 21, 9:00am. October 28, 9:00am, followed by an open test session by Laurel. Cost for non-members is $10. 
Holiday Dinner. December 1, 6:30pm, at Jersey Lilly's across from Lewis-Gale Hospital. No special menu. 
George “Bud” Hippisley, W2RU, co-author of the book, Practical Antenna Handbook, made the presentation for practical antennas for 160m through 10m. Thank you, Bud, for a very informative and interesting presentation.
50/50 ticket— —Total amount $27.00. Bill Hickman, W2BZO, had the winning ticket. $13.50 to Bill; $13.50 to RVARC. Special drawing for a copy of Practical Antenna Handbook—Floyd Ponton, AI4FP, had the winning ticket. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Bryant Johnson, N4TYR
Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club Secretary
News Author: N4TYR Bryant News Date: Friday September 22 2017 - 10:17PM

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