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Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club meeting notes July 25 2014  printer friendly  
Ron AB4A facilitated the meeting allowing Gary AJ4GL to record the meeting minutes.  

Previous meeting’s minutes read and treasurer’s report were posted to the W4CA website. There were no corrections noted, minutes and treasurer’s report accepted as posted.

Photos were projected from 2014 Field Day ( taken by Catherine
KA4EIQ ) and 2008 Festival in the Park Special Event station ( taken by Gary AJ4GL) for the club attendees.

Committee reports and Traffic:

- Hamfest chairman, Friday afternoon Aug 1 is setup @ 3:30 PM – 7PM at William Byrd School. Tom needs strong backs to help, he injured his & has limited mobility.  

Nancy KG4ETP: Hamfest Raffle Tickets, 561 are sold, 461 are remaining & available. $471 is collected. Please see her at the Hamfest front table to help sell tix.  

Gary AJ4GL
– Note on call by ARRL for writing your congressman on HR 4969, encouraging less restrictions for antennas on homeowners associations, etc.. A copy of the ARRL website info page was distributed.  
Two survey lists were circulated:

one for program interest topic suggestions for club meetings
one for volunteer signup to present a topic of your choosing at a club meeting

Hobby presentations:

Gary AJ4GL exhibited his motion triggered animatronic Tiki explaining the fun with hobby robotics and electronics.  

Ron AB4A talked about his summer adventures as a senior competition waterskiing judge, trcik skiing, slalom, and technical rules.

Charlie AB4SK shared his hobbies of traveling and reading. Charlie is the president of the salem library systems, he had interesting insights on the evolution of libraries into the digital world and providing a comfortable atmosphere.
Charlie will journey to Antarctica in January 2015, and will share his adventures at a meeting following the trip.  

Nancy KG4ETP: Shared her literary passions and also about her hobby of photography with the Roanoke Camera and Exposure Roanoke.  

Kenny KK4MHN talked about the challenges of canine assisted EMT rescue operations without the help of radio communications.

Recorded July 25  2014, Gary Yohe
News Author: Gary AJ4GL News Date: Sunday July 27 2014 - 07:13AM

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