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Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club meeting notes August 22 2014  printer friendly  
Members in attendance were treated to a photo show of the 2013 Explore Park/Blue Ridge Bonanza .
Introductions around the room, and traffic recorded.  

Gary AJ4GL
quickly reviewed the highlights of last meeting’s notes.  


Fletch K4DCF –
Fletch participates in the ARRL official observer program, one of 700+ listeners who help critique amateurs on air , “not band cops”. Fletch is an observer coordinator , always looking for volunteer observers. Please contact Fletch if interested.       

Dave N4JED
– talked about the 13 Colonies Speciual Event, and showed the QSL cards & completion certificate for the ARRL 100th anniversary centennial contest.   Tomorrow is HI, KS, and OH QSO parties, North Dakota also on air.   Also engaged in a lively discussion on LOTW & eQSL. There was also a question about BenFang programming.  

JT W4TFA - Willie N4XE and Pat N3AYW sponsoring a Foxhunt tomorrow August 23 @ 9AM , meeting at Crossroads mall parking lot, near Kmart.  Awesome learning opportunity.  

Gary AJ4GL
– upcoming club event schedule will be kept up to date on the W4CA website calendar.   Club elections are next month, self nominations & nominations accepted, please talk with an officer or board member.  

Sept 12 meeting is Jersey night , wear your favorite jersey/ T shirt from high school, college, or professional team.
Tinker Talk voice keyer Part 1 and LOTW  
Oct 11
– WeatherFest special event station at VA Science Festival , needs a coordinator volunteer by August 29 to register for the event.  

Program by Fletch K4DCF:
Sending email when there is no internet can be done using freeware AIRMAIL over radio.
Refer to for information

Fletch showed a typical setup with a laptop, 2 meter radio, a KPC3 TNC, a USB to RS485 converter (new laptop + old TNC), and a 2m J pole.      
WINMORE can be used for HF gateways, running 1200 baud thru a sound card like Signalink.  
WinLink + AIRMAIL can be used for a VHF gateway also at 1200 baud.  
The programs do white list for anti-spam protection.

Chuck Gillespie W4CPG has a hybrid mode WINLINK GATEWAY in Botetourt .,

Gateway Channel Information
Participates without RF forwarding — internet forwarding only
Frequency:145.730 MHz
Operating Mode:Packet / Packet 1200
Operating Hours:00-23
Last Status Received:Sat, 23 Aug 2014 02:46:00 UTC

RMS Express

RMS Express is the preferred Winlink 2000 (WL2K) radio email client because it supports all new WL2K features, including the Winlink Hybrid Network.    

Recorded August 22 2014, Gary AJ4GL
News Author: Gary AJ4GL News Date: Friday August 22 2014 - 09:54PM

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