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QSL cards:

Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club Inc
1670 Catawba Rd
Troutville, Va 24175

Membership Applications & General Information:

Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club Inc.
PO Box 2002
Roanoke, Va 24009


optom1 @

RVARC Membership Application:

in Word or PDF format

The Current Board of Directors

President Tom Wilcox W4TKW optom1 @
Vice President Ron Ramsey AB4A ab4a @
Treasurer Doug Kabler KR4XE kr4xe @
Secretary Gary Yohe AJ4GL starcitysteeler @

Board Members:

David L Kinsey KS4BO ks4bo @
Fred Krack K4HBV fred.krack @
Leroy Maxey AG4RW jlmaxey1 @
Jerry Haislip K1SO k1so @


KS4BO Dave Kinsey
Festival in the Park
AB4A Ron Ramsey
W4TKW Tom Wilcox
Field Day

School Coordinators/Chairman

Hidden Valley High School
AB4A Ron Ramsey
William Byrd High School
K4WFO Phil Roark
William Byrd Middle School
AB4SK Charlie Draper

Repeater Committee

K4JCT Jimmy Powell
Creates Membership/New Ham packages
AG4RW Leroy Maxey
(Repeater Lists, Nets, Info on Clubs, etc)
Community Activities
(Parades, ITT, Triathalon...)
KF4PHW Michael Henever
The Log
K4WFO Phil Roark

Quite often I get emails requesting contact information for other hams.
Several options are available if you have internet access.

Phone numbers will NOT be available online due to possible security risks.

The FIRST thing I always check is QRZ.
Many times this is also the last place I need to check.

You'll also see a Members List link to the right (login is required).
Check there for the person you're looking for.
If you find them, you can email or send an IM via this website.
73 - AB4A

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