Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club (RVARC) is a non-profit,
Special Service Club dedicated to the advancement and
enjoyment of amateur radio. The club has been serving
Southwestern Virginia since 1932.

Upcoming Club Activities


Winter Field Day Pics

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School Club Roundup

K4WBM William Byrd Middle School, WB4HS William Byrd High School

Feb 11 – 15 2019 8:00am to 7:00pm

Contacts has been changed to once per Band per Mode. Pse look on 146.58, 40M, 20M & psk31.

Tech & Gen Classes, Mar. 9 8:30am

Va QSO Party Mar. 16 &17

Club Auction April 27


Mission Statement

The mission of the Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club is to:
provide emergency communications services to the community;
assist other civic organizations;
promote the technical craft of amateur radio
through class training and testing;
mentor new amateur operators and members;
and enhance fellowship among radio amateurs.


Starting May 12, The Club Meetings will Start at 7:00 pm
Wed. Night Net starts at 7:00 pm

H.R. 555 — a new “Amateur Radio Parity Act” bill

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Please refer to for various contests and special on-air events

Please invite anyone you would like to introduce to ham radio or is interested in radio, communication technology, and supporting the community using radio services

THANK YOU to all VE Coordinators and VEs !